Academic Eligibility

Students applying to the Villa for a semester or full-year should typically have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.*  All students applying to Villa summer programs should have a cumulative GPA of 2.7. 

*Students whose GPA is currently below a 3.0 are encouraged to speak with an OGE advisor early in the process to learn about their options for semester study abroad and to inquire about the Eligibility Addendum form (see below).

Disciplinary Eligibility

Applicants are expected to be in good standing at Georgetown University or their home university.  To remain in good standing, a student must maintain a strong, consistent academic record, meet the academic standards set forth by the University and exhibit a history of good citizenship and student conduct.  Students are not eligible to participate in an overseas studies program while on active academic or disciplinary probation.  For full consideration, students should complete all student conduct sanctions prior to submitting an application.

It is important to remember that all nominations are inherently conditional.  A significant decline in academic performance or a disciplinary sanction prior to departure may render a student ineligible for study abroad.  This is true even if the student has already received a nomination from Georgetown.

Eligibility Addendum Form

If a student does not meet one or more of the eligibility requirements, he/she may submit an Eligibility Addendum Form (EAF) to provide more information for the selection committee.  This form is available after the mandatory advising appointment from an OGE regional advisor. 

Students should begin the advising and application process early if they intend to submit an EAF.  Students are also strongly ecouraged to review their written EAF proposal with their curricular dean for input and advice.  Submission of this form does not guarantee approval for study abroad.