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Applying to the Villa

How do I get in contact with a program advisor?

You can schedule an appointment with the advisor for the Villa on the Office of Global Education's website:


Are non-GU students eligible to apply?

Villa Le Balze programs are open to undergraduates from other American-accredited universities and colleges. Accepted students are registered at Georgetown University as non-degree seeking students for the term in which they are enrolled in a Villa program. Non-Georgetown students receive a GU transcript at the end of the semester. More information can be found on our Non-Georgetown Students page.


When is the deadline to apply?

Deadlines vary depending on the program to which you are applying. Generally speaking, the deadline for the

  • fall semester abroad would be in mid-February of the previous semester.
  • spring semester abroad would be in early October of the previous semester.
  • summer term abroad would be at our early deadline in December or our regular deadline in February.

To find more information about our current deadlines visit our Application Timeline page or for information about a specific program, visit the program's online brochure.


How many recommendations are needed to apply?

Applications for programs at the Villa generally require two (2) recommendations. Once you begin your application, you will be able to electronically request recommendations from your recommenders. For tips on completing your application and requesting recommendations please visit the resources available on the Office of Global Education's website:


How competitive are programs at the Villa?

The competitiveness of programs at the Villa varies. The advisor for the Villa will be able to provide more specific information regarding the competitiveness for a given program or term abroad at the Villa. In general, students should focus on articulating why their chosen program is the best academic fit and how it aligns with students' personal and academic goals.


When do students usually study abroad at the Villa?

Students are eligible to participate in a Villa summer program anytime during their GU career - from the summer after their freshman year to the summer after graduation.

Georgetown students are generally eligible to participate in a Villa semester program during their junior year. Students in the Georgetown College are also eligible to study at the Villa as a second semester sophomore as long as they have declared their major. Students from one of the other Georgetown schools may also have the opportunity to petition their respective school in order to study abroad as a second semester sophomore. All students should speak with an advisor to see how the Villa can fit into their academic careers.


Program Budget & Finances

How much does a program at Villa Le Balze cost?

The Office of Global Education provides budget estimates for each program abroad, which include the total amount billed by GU as well as an estimate for additional costs incurred. To view the budgets for a specific program:


Are there scholarships or financial aid available to fund my study abroad?

All forms of financial aid (with the exception of federal work-study funds) can be applied to semester abroad programs. This includes Georgetown grants, loans, scholarships, and state and federal awards, such as Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student Loans. Financial aid packages will be based on the specific costs of the program. In cases where work-study funds are not available, or where the cost of living at the semester or full-year study site exceeds that of the GU main campus, the financial aid package will be revised to cover the additional funds needed for room and board, as well as transportation and other personal expenses. The following expenses will be included when calculating a student's financial need: tuition and fees, room and board, books, airfare, and miscellaneous expenses (such as toiletries, limited entertainment, local transportation, immunizations and any health insurance required by the host country).

Normal procedures and deadlines for filing financial aid applications apply. Students are encouraged to speak with their financial aid counselor to discuss any questions that may arise.



Which option is the best for me: a homestay or on-site housing?

When deciding which type of accommodation will be best for you, consider your goals for the program: language acquisition, cultural immersion, etc. We suggest you discuss the options with your family, previous participants, and the program advisor. Make an appointment with the advisor.


Can my food allergy (or dietary restriction) be accommodated at the Villa?

The Villa's two cooks provide a varied menu of Italian meals and, where possible, will take into consideration dietary restrictions. In the past the Villa has been able to accommodate allergies to gluten, nuts, and lactose as well as accommodating vegan and vegetarian diets. If you have a food allergy or dietary restriction, we ask that you discuss this with the advisor.


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