As part of its mission to expand Georgetown’s global reach and internationalize the university community, Villa Le Balze understands that international opportunities are as valuable for its faculty as for its students. Competitive opportunities to teach at the Villa are offered to GU faculty during the semester as well as the summer.

The Villa is committed to providing a unique and transformational experience for faculty who contribute to its community as educators, scholars, and colleagues. In addition to a rotating faculty member in residence from the Main Campus, the Villa draws on a thriving community of scholars from the Florentine academic community. Through scholarship and teaching, these local instructors contribute to the academic vitality and mission of the Villa in essential ways.

Research and Scholarship

Following in the spirit of Charles Augustus Strong the Villa promotes research in the humanities and social sciences connected to Italian and European Studies, lending a dimension of intellectual inquiry to the academic initiatives already organized at the Villa.


In addition to deepening their own knowledge, faculty at the Villa serve in the integral role of educators.  Their interactions with students go beyond the sharing of subject area expertise, contributing to students’ holistic development through academic mentorship and reflective discourse. This extension of student-professor interaction beyond the classroom ensures that new disciplinary knowledge is integrated with knowledge about the world and about the self, leading to more authentic intellectual experiences and deeper learning.


Faculty Members in Residence

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Semester Teaching Opportunities

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Summer & Short Term Teaching Opportunities

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Center for the Study of Italian History & Culture

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