In addition to semester-long study, Villa Le Balze offers students the opportunity to enroll in short-term academic programs during the summer.  These programs are intensive in nature, and are built around specific interdisciplinary course topics.  

Most summer programs at the Villa are taught in English, although there are opportunities to engage with the Italian language on a daily basis. All courses offered on Villa summer programs are considered Georgetown courses, and students will receive credits and grades that will transfer automatically to their GU transcript and GPA.  Additionally, courses offered at the Villa can be fulfill major, minor and certificate, other degree requirements, with appropriate approval from their Dean or academic advisor.

Non-Georgetown participants are issued a GU transcript with grades and a semester GPA.

Students are eligible to participate in a Villa summer program anytime during their GU career - from the summer after their freshman year to the summer after graduation.

Summer 2017 Programs

Machiavelli Seminar May 16 - May 31, 2017

Upcoming Information Session:
TBA (program specific)

Following Machiavelli’s concept of a “discussion with the ancients” with relevance to modern issues, highlights of this 3 credit seminar include:

  • In-depth study of Machiavelli’s writings and an appreciation of the Florentine environment in which he wrote them;
  • Actively applying Machiavellian teachings through student involvement as decision makers in a “balance of power” laboratory created by two “Nth Power” political-military simulations. The “Nth Power” simulation is an interactive role-playing, geo-spatial simulation that has been used to brief strategic planners in the Department of Defense.
  • The application of Machiavelli’s insights to the contemporary world through simulations and interactions with senior policy makers and military leaders during the European-American Workshop on Global Security Affairs (held concurrently at Villa Le Balze).

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive credit for a 3-credit Government seminar (GOVT-486-62) that can count toward their major, minor or general education elective requirements.

For more information regarding the program, click here.  Hear from the professors firsthand in this short video: Georgetown University: Florence Machiavelli Seminar


Italian Realisms - Documentary Film Making June 6 - June 28, 2017

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Italian Realisms will provide an intensive learning experience over a three week period.  Students will take classes and engage in workshops at the Villa, collaborate with local filmmakers and film students in Florence, meet with representatives of local communities organizations, observe and document everyday life in Fiesole and Florence.  The documentary pedagogy will require students to spend considerable time outside of the Villa, in communities, observing, reflecting, shooting, and recording.  Students will share selected footage in group workshop settings at the VLB.  Students will edit their projects on laptop computers at the VLB, receiving feedback from their faculty and peers at several stages. 

The course will culminate with a public premiere screening at the VLB.  Local filmmakers, students, and community members will be invited to view and to discuss the short documentaries. Additionally, the program will include evening screenings and discussion at the Villa of contemporary Italian Documentary films as well as film screenings at theaters in Florence, in order to engage in comparative study of film exhibition and reception between Italy and the United States.  There will also be additional local social and cultural outings based on the research questions and documentary stories developed by the students.  These local trips might include a meal with a local community or service work with a local organization.  

For more information regarding the program, click here.

Italian Realisms Poster

Italian Realisms - Documentary Filmmaking

The Brain and the Experience of Beauty in Art  June 30 - July 22, 2017

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 5:00 PM in Car Barn 230

This course introduces students to how the brain experiences beauty in visual art. This is a new field of brain research called neuroesthetics. The course will explore and analyze these experiences studying portrait painting from different angles, and will have three main components. The first will be understanding visual information processing and its relationship to the experience of beauty in the brain. In the second, we will study the genre of portrait painting, and its evolution and development by masters from periods ranging from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century. Finally, the students will learn the principles of portrait painting, produce their own art in watercolor, and analyze it scientifically.

For more information regarding the program, click here.

Duke & Duchess of Urbino by Piero della Francesca