We know that you are excited to share in your student's study abroad experience and we would like to welcome you to Villa Le Balze for a visit!  There are, however, ideal times to schedule your visit so as not to interfere with the academic program and dynamics of the living learning community.

Each semester program has a 10 day mid-term break built into the schedule and this is the ideal time for family and friends to coordinate a visit.  Students are expected to travel and are not allowed to reside at the Villa or with their host families during this time. 

Holiday breaks are another ideal time for planning a visit with your Villa student.  In the fall, the Thanksgiving break allows for students to have a 4-day break (Thursday - Sunday) from academic commitments and the same is true over the Easter holidays in the Spring (Friday - Monday, as Easter Monday is a national holiday in Italy).

Finally, travel after the program with a visit to the Villa along the way is another opportune time for sharing in your student's overseas experience.