Facilities & Grounds


Villa Le Balze and the Villino can provide on-site accommodations for your event. The Villa and Villino offer nine charming bedrooms that can host up to 21 guests in shared accommodations or 9 guests in single accommodations. The Tuscan bedrooms are fully furnished with spectacular views of the Arno valley and Florence or the historic gardens. Each room is equipped with a modern private bathroom. We provide all linens and cleaning services for guests. Wi-fi is available in the bedrooms.

Event Spaces

Villa Le Balze and the Villino provide a variety of indoor spaces for events. You can make reservations for the entire property and buildings or just one room. The buildings and rooms differ in size, charm, and functionality – allowing us to customize the Villa and Villino for your event. Maximum capacities vary depending on room configuration. All spaces inside the Villa and Villino are enabled with Wi-Fi and we can provide audio-visual equipment. For specific disability and accessibility information, please complete the Make a Reservation Form (new window).

Villa Le Balze has several rooms available for reservation and includes two bathrooms on the main floor. Our Italian cooks prepare and serve Tuscan meals in the Villa.

  • Dining Room (33ppl)
  • Grand Hallway (20ppl)
  • Music Room (10ppl)
  • Strong Library (30ppl)

The Villino has several rooms available for reservation and includes one bathroom on the main floor.

  • Villino Classroom (30ppl)
  • Workshop Room (8ppl)
  • The Computer Room (4ppl) and Faculty Room (5ppl) are included in any room reservation (at no cost) as our guest’s business center


We have Wi-Fi available inside all buildings and in the gardens immediately surrounding the main buildings.

Other technology that can be arranged:

  • Computers (running Microsoft)
  • Projectors & Projection screens
  • Microphones
  • Audiovisual Equipment

Gardens & Outdoors Spaces

The Cecil Pinsent & Geoffrey Scott sculptured Gardens, Showcase Loggia, Tritone Grotto, and Grande Terrazza are the jewels of the Villa Le Balze property. Hailed as the best living example of Cecil Pinsent’s architectural landscape design in Italy, the gardens, grotto, and loggia include breathtaking views, colorful flowers, mosaics, statues, and fountains. In addition, the grounds also have a cliff side olive grove and Ilex garden. These outdoor jewels are ideal for special events. To meet the needs of your event, you can reserve the entire outdoor property or just one garden.

  • Fiesole Garden (40ppl)
  • Lemon Garden (20ppl)
  • Tritone Grotto (60ppl, 2 stories)
  • Library Garden (40ppl)
  • Ilex Garden (50ppl)
  • Grand Terrazza (100ppl)
  • Showcase Loggia (70ppl)