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Through your generosity, you help to ensure that future generations of Hoyas have access to unique and memorable educational opportunities at Villa Le Balze.

Why give to Villa Le Balze?

Gifting to the Villa Le Balze legacy will make a lasting impact on the lives of students, faculty, alumni, and many others who use the Villa as a space for educational and scholarly activities.

The Villa seeks financial assistance to advance its vision of being Georgetown’s premier global hub for learning and scholarship. This vision includes supporting opportunities for graduate and postgraduate scholarship, expanding undergraduate academic programs, hosting more conferences and seminars, and upgrading facilities and infrastructure to ensure that the Villa can connect its students, scholars, and guests to Main Campus and to the world.

In order for us to offer these and more opportunities to the Georgetown community including our alumni, we invite you to become a part of the Villa Le Balze legacy.  We want to partner with you to preserve Villa Le Balze and its ability to enrich the lives of Hoyas for years to come.

How to Make a Gift

  1. Click on the “Make a Gift Now” button
  2. Type Villa Le Balze in the ‘Other Designation’ space and complete the form

For major gifts and recognition please contact Erin DeLoach, Senior Director of Development, Georgetown College or Vanessa Meyers, Director of Global Services.


Enclose the Villa’s Loggia

Help us enclose the Loggia in order to have more space for programming and events.

Funding goal: $310,650

The breathtaking views from the Loggia make it an ideal space for functions, lectures, and alumni events. Enclosing the loggia in glass will make this showcase space accessible year round and give us the ability to install permanent multimedia technology. You can become a large part of the Villa Le Balze Legacy by donating in full for this project that would include your name recognition in the Loggia’s title.


Fr. J. Donald Freeze, S.J. Endowment

Help us preserve and maintain the Villa Le Balze buildings and grounds.

Funding goal: $8,000,000

In recognition and honor of Fr. J. Donald Freeze S.J. this endowment was established in 2017 to help the Villa Le Balze Legacy. The endowment interest funds will be used on projects such as, statue restoration, gardeners, new furniture, room renovations, and many other necessary projects on the property. 


Renovate the Reflection Room

Help us turn the historic Gardener’s  Storehouse into a multi-purpose “Reflection Room”.

Funding goal: $107,000

In alignment with Georgetown’s Jesuit heritage, we are converting the property’s historic gardener’s storehouse , set in a serene garden, into a ‘Reflection Room’ designed as a contemplative space for activities like prayer, meditation, and fitness. You can become a large part of the Villa Le Balze Legacy by donating in full for this project that would include your name recognition in the ‘Reflection Room’ title.

More Gifting Opportunities

Program Endowment: Established in 1980 through Fr. J. Donald Freeze S.J.’s foresight, this endowment has been consistently used to support the costs of running undergraduate programming at Villa Le Balze. This fund supports a variety of needs that change annually, such as student scholarships, academic activities costs, guest speakers, and many more academic initiatives. If you are not interested in contributing to the prioritized projects above, we encourage you to consider donating to this endowment.

Please remember that your gift to Villa Le Balze is tax deductible and your employer may participate in a matching gifts program.