Virtual Villa Le Balze

Virtual Villa Le Balze logo: showing a drawing of one third of the Villa seen from the Lemon garden and the text virtual villa le balze.

Virtual Villa Le Balze is a series of events that are hosted entirely online. The series was conceived during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in order to provide opportunities for Villa Alumni and the wider Georgetown University community to connect online while learning about Italy, its people, and its culture.

Events range from more traditional academic lectures, like our talk on the evolution of newspapers during the Renaissance, to cultural experiences, like our cooking demonstrations.

The Virtual Villa Le Balze series was created in support of the Villa’s various initiatives, including creating opportunities for graduate and postgraduate scholarships, expanding undergraduate programming, and upgrading the Villa‚Äôs facilities and infrastructure.

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Past Events

Recordings of some our past events will be available here and on YouTube.