A faculty perspective on teaching at VLB

Faculty in Residence

Every semester, the Villa welcomes a Georgetown faculty member from Main Campus to serve as Faculty in Residence. This faculty member plays a vital role in cultivating the Villa’s identity as a Global Living and Learning Community.


The Faculty in Residence designs and teaches up to two courses at Villa Le Balze. The course(s) are not limited to any specific department or discipline, but must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a tangible connection to the Villa’s location in Italy (or Europe) so as to support the Villa’s curricular learning goals and the nature of an education abroad experience.
  • Accentuate and build upon the Villa Le Balze biennial academic theme.
  • Bear a course designation from the faculty member’s Main Campus department.

Faculty are encouraged to use the Villa’s setting and resources to create a truly dynamic learning experience in their course(s). Faculty interested in developing experiential or community-based courses are encouraged to work with both the Office of Global Education and Villa Le Balze to determine possible field experiences or community partnerships.


Faculty in Residence who teach only one course are invited to contribute to the academic profile of the Villa by developing research partnerships or organizing an academic event, such as a conference or colloquium. More information about the Villa as a venue for conferences and events can be found in the Hold an Event section.

Student Engagement

The central purpose of the Faculty in Residence role at Villa Le Balze is to engage undergraduates in the pursuit of their own intellectual and personal development. As a member of the Villa’s Global Living and Learning Community, the Faculty in Residence is expected to be present and actively involved in cultivating opportunities to interact with students outside the classroom. To foster such interactions, the Faculty in Residence is expected:

  • To share in communal lunchtime gathering at the Villa at least 3 days each week.
  • To develop and lead one field-based excursion outside of Fiesole and Florence, connected to the course(s) being taught and designed to deepen learning in an immersive or experiential way. Villa Le Balze staff will assist with the logistics and planning of the trip, but it should be designed and organized by the Faculty in Residence.
  • To organize one recurring co-curricular activity designed to build community and engage students outside the classroom. This can either deepen or depart from the formal curriculum, but should help build community and engage students in intellectual inquiry, intercultural exploration, self-expression, or personal reflection during their time at the Villa. Most of all, it should reflect your interests, knowledge, or skills in a way that is fun and accessible for students.


Teaching at Villa Le Balze is considered part of a faculty member’s regular Main Campus teaching load. Full-time faculty (tenure-line and non-tenure line) will retain their academic appointment and salary through their home department on Main Campus; the home department will be compensated by Villa Le Balze for costs of replacing the faculty member's on-campus teaching.  Part-time (adjunct) faculty will retain their affiliation to their home department on Main Campus but will be compensated directly by OGE for each course taught at Villa Le Balze.


Faculty in Residence are typically housed in an apartment a short walk from the Villa, but have on occasion sought their own housing in Fiesole or Florence. Breakfast and lunch are served at the Villa on weekdays, and the Faculty in Residence is expected to share regularly in communal meals with students and Villa staff.

The Application Process

The Office of Global Education invites Georgetown faculty members interested in serving as Faculty in Residence at Villa Le Balze during the Academic Year 2019-2020 to apply by September 21, 2018. A list of the eligibility requirements and application materials is available below.


  • Applicants may be full time (tenure-line or non-tenure line) or part time (adjunct) professors, but must have taught undergraduate courses for a minimum of 4 semesters at Georgetown (at the time of application).
  • Applicants may not have served as Faculty in Residence at Villa Le Balze within the past 4 semesters (at the time of application).
  • Preferred applicants will show a demonstrated interest and a history of involvement in programs and experiences related to undergraduate student formation, experiential learning, or global education.

Required Application Materials

  • Statement of interest outlining why you wish to serve as Faculty in Residence and what unique contributions you believe your experience or expertise will offer. Please also indicate your preferred term abroad (Fall, Spring, or no preference).
  • Two course proposals, including detailed description of course topics, learning outcomes, and assessment methods. Each course proposal should also indicate which academic department will assign credit for the course, and include any field-based or experiential learning components that make use of the Villa's location and resources (1-2 pages per course). It is strongly recommended that applicants make an appointment with the Assistant Director of Global Living and Learning Programs to discuss potential course topics as they relate to the needs of Villa Le Balze’s undergraduate curriculum before submitting the final application.
  • Tentative itinerary for at least one field-based experience for each course. This should be an afternoon or day-long visit to a site (or sites) away from Florence and associated with the course being taught(1-2 paragraphs).
  • Tentative idea for at least one recurring co-curricular activity, to engage students in intellectual inquiry, intercultural exploration, self-expression, or personal reflection during their time at the Villa. The proposed activity will be optional for the students, so it should focus on building community and shared experience rather than curricular learning (1-2 paragraphs).
  • Full CV, including all courses taught at Georgetown.
  • Letter of support from the Chair of the applicant’s department that expresses willingness to release the applicant from teaching during the requested term (if selected) and provides the contact information of administrator with whom OGE can coordinate if the applicant is selected.

Completed application materials should be emailed as one file, or sent by intercampus mail to:

Gregory Spear
Assistant Director, Global Living & Learning Programs
Office of Global Education
Georgetown University
210 Car Barn, 3520 Prospect Street, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1013